Nothing Changes


Lucifer seemed to get a fearful expression on his face as soon as Satchel talked. Oh no. Then he felt it. He let out a not-suppressed-at-all moan and seemed to tense. It just so happened that Joseph was still in his grip.

The monk turned a red that would rival the plumage of a tropical bird and pushed Lucifer away. Surprisingly, Luce seemed to back away at the smallest push. 

The Fallen then collapsed with a groan. Joseph covered his face.

This whole situation was terrible for everyone who wasn’t Satchel.

The moment he’s on the ground, the thread stops vibrating, and it retreats back to the tiny god’s side, a sweet-as-sugar smile on his face. “Just like that, see~?” He turns to Joseph, doing rather well at not laughing his purple ass off. “And its not even violent, though I bet I could make it hurt.”


"Ah. I imagine that would be nice on aching muscles. Useful. Forgive me, this era is still very, very new to me." You didn’t pay much attention to the world while in Paradise.

Joseph looked up at Luce too. Lucifer turned pink all over again. “I uh it um.. how do I put this eloquently?”He scratched the back of his head. "My tail is sensitive. And a..vibrator tends to feel very, very nice."

Joe turned bright red and sputtered. Lucifer seemed to get a wicked grin, and looked at Satchel with a ‘lets fluster him more’ expression.

Satchel flinches at the devilish grin, and narrows his eyes. He…oh, he has a feeling there’s going to be a few crosses in Luce’s future… Oh, what the hell, he’s not going to Hell permanently for a long, long time, but he’s not about to physically do anything to Joseph. Luce’s suggesting this, so…

"Hm? I had nooooo idea~” he closes his eyes, and a single thread winds out, and under, Luce’s robes. And, just like the first time Satchel met the Fallen, coils around the base of his tail, and vibrates for all its worth.


Brother Joseph didn’t seem to know what a ‘vibe’ was. “Why would he drop to his knees? I do not comprehend what you are talking about.” Lucifer was turning pink.

The Fallen seemed to quickly recover from the minor flustered state. “I could not enter the shack. Joe thought it wise to bless the damn things.”

"That is not the point. What is a vibe?" Luce looked at Satchel with a grin. "He is all yours."

Satchel’s face flushes a bit, and gulps. Shit, he…he didn’t expect having to explain what a vibrator was.

"Ah…well…" He walks over, and puts his hand on Joseph’s shoulder, long claws shortening, and dulling before he touches the monk. His hand buzzes with vibrations briefly. "A vibe is a small machine that does that." He narrows his eyes up at Luce, and grins. "But you know, I’m really not sure why that sort of thing made him fall to his knees. Why don’t you tell us why that happened?”


Joseph eyed the threads, just a tad confused. But he quickly brushed it off. Lucifer knew many diverse creatures anyways. Satan looped his arms around the Monk.

 ”I threatened him with stories of religion and hanging crosses in the shack.” "The crosses were uncalled for.” 

"No. It never was. You got too grabby. If you wish to resort to more violent methods, his tail is nice to pull." Lucifer growled, Joseph seemed to pay no mind. "He is very easy to train, though he can get quite unruly at times."

Satchel grins at the growling, eyeing the Fallen mischievously. “Mm, it’s funnier to just strap something like a vibe to it, he nearly dropped to his knees~ W..Wait, never mind about that.” He doubts the monk would do that sort of thing, especially when it sounds like it would have been counterproductive. “What did the crosses do? Burn you?”


Lucifer seemed to be ignoring Satchel, for the time being. It seemed he was just happy to have company.

Joseph was rather glad the conversation did not turn into a deep debate. He hated those. “I would not know. I did not…engage in such activities. Monks typically do not. And getting intimate with the Devil himself would have no doubt put me into Hell.” 

He gave a sly smirk. “Oh, him? He has not eaten in what seems to be centuries. Poor thing is wasting away.” Lucifer visibly flinched.

Satchel notes the flinch, and smirks, threads twirling about his hips. Its so hard not to laugh when he looks so…chilled out. “Pfftt…” He snickers quietly, covering his mouth with his claws. “Eh, I figured that. How else did you train him?” He barely bites back another snicker.


Lucifer seemed to accept the fact that he wasn’t going to have much of an opinion, not with Joseph around to shut up his protests about how great sex was. He settled for resting his chin on the Monk’s head.

Joseph seemed to accept this, reaching up to pat Lucifer on the jaw. “I believe it is ‘that bad’. Sex is not necessary for anything that is not reproduction or intimacy. And you do not even need it for intimacy.” He had managed just fine without sex.

Despite almost arguing, the Monk’s voice seemed calm.

Satchel looks up at Lucifer, biting his lip a bit. Just like a contented cat. “Well its not necessary, yeah, but it…can be nice.” He’s talking to a monk though…and from the course of the conversation, he doubts he even has a side to present. You either like sex or you don’t, and its none of his business what Joseph’s chosen, he figures. “I see you’ve got a pretty big cat, though~ What do you feed it~?” He teases.


"I-it was!" Beni exclaimed back once Mali was safely out of earshot. "I sh-shouldn’t be saying this, bu-but the lo-look on his f-face was g-golden!"

Embarrassed by how much amusement he was taking out of this, the Sin’s face turned a greenish colour. He was blushing, most definitely.

Satchel’s eyes widen a little at the glowing green under Beni’s cheeks, and he grins more, floating up, and slightly closer. “Golden…well yours is green~” he lightly teases, smiling. He’s rather adorable for a sin, he thinks to himself…


"But its both fun and filling! ""

Joseph glared at Satchel. “It is sinful, though I cannot fault him on that, and terrible. He was never this horny before- yes, he was horny. But never to this extent.”

"…It seems like an overly healthy sex life."

Lucifer’s jaw set and he stared at the Monk, disgruntled.

The tiny god looks up at the monk, and grins. Its amusing to him that Lucifer’s staying mostly quiet during most of this, for a…monk? Weren’t they pious? They seem like complete opposites…

"Oh c’mon, it ain’t that bad…" He knows firsthand.


did this in one hour heck yes


did this in one hour heck yes