Good Change Happens Slowly
If this is about the thing with Georgia, even if anyone besides you and her remembered what happened there, Temperance wouldn't be one of them. No war, no virtues.

He growls a little. “It…it is about that. No one but she and I remember anyway, but I…I made him disappear. I don’t care if he doesn’t remember the fact that for some few days, his existence was erased, and never needed in that world. That none of the Virtues or Sins were born… Ifeel guilty.” He curls up more in the sleeve. “I feel so fucking guilty for what I accidentally helped her to do, and even though its over, it never should have happened. I never should have allowed that to happen.”

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It doesn’t take long for the knock on the door to summon the person dwelling within the house.

It takes the woman a moment to process her visitors before she smiles, and when she does, the horse looks away in partial disgust. The woman leans forward, closer to Danny, and greets her.

"Good evening. Is this the package I ordered? I’ll admit I half expected him to be delivering it in person, but considering he’s banned from the town and has been threatened with arrest…he’s smarter than I thought, I suppose."

With a pair of bony hands that look much more frail than the rest of her, the woman reaches for the package.

Danny brushes some of the bangs out of her eyes, a bit nervous. She can’t exactly go home without Satchel, and he still hasn’t unwrapped himself."Yes ma’am, it is!" She’s handing off her ticket home… Danny gently places the box in the woman’ hands, noticing their frail appearance. "They didn’t say whether you’d paid them or not," she stalls, glancing to the ribbon hopefully. "Did you? I can take the payment back to them if not…"

Chance to Change

It amazes him, her fluidity, and strength. How easily she adapts and holds rigid afterward. She doesn’t bend for anyone unless she wants to. Not even him. And while that isn’t new, others holding strong against him, it still feels refreshing. Like her being by him is giving him another chance.

While her face is buried in her book, studying quietly, he reads a book of his own, and finds that she is indeed another chance.

"I wish I knew more about the circumstances of Thread choosing her heir. How she found them, how she imbued her power into them. Was it all at once, or slowly? Little by little? Did they ever even know she was with them?"

Satchel’s blur and disappearance catches Danny’s notice, and she looks up from her book. Her innate will to trust others is a weakness, in Satchel’s eyes, but to her, it means strength. And contrary to what the god may think, she doesn’t trust as easily as she wishes.
She wishes she trusted him more. She has no doubt there was some reason for bringing her back more than securing a hiding place. He wasn’t clever when she met him, only brutal, and bloody, and she still sees him in red, in the tattered rags of his clothes, drenched in crimson copper and roaring.

And he has yet to change.


Lucifer snorted, rather disgruntled. "I am as healthy as a ox." "No, you are not." Replied Joe.

Joe looked at the candy, then turned one of the boxes over to the ingredients side. ”Sugar? This is a rare commodity!” He wasn’t used to sugar in such bountiful quantities. Usually it was saved for feasts or large meals, often with those of high status visiting.

He picked out a small package of skittles. The bright colours were pleasing to the eye.

"A dying ox. You’re eating some fucking popcorn." He snickers, ordering a bucket. "It…is? Its in a lot of things nowadays…" He picks out a box of chocolate mint candies, and purchases the Skittles as well, along with three drinks. "You can buy it by the sack too, but not here."

Yes, she doesn't. You do make a very pretty bracelet. You make an even prettier human.

Said bracelet blushes like a 90’s anime, tightening a little around Danny’s wrist, and scooting just inside her sleeve shyly.

Second favour (@flexiblereincarnation)


Even as a foal, Brose’s horse was hardly ever distracted from the tasks given to it, so the short conversation occurring on its back is largely ignored. The way most humans go about things has always seemed silly to the horse, but as it cannot speak and is far too busy to stop and write out a message, it must to keep this to itself.

The town hasn’t changed much since it had last been there, which was some time ago. All the times Brose tried to break in, the merchant refused to allow the horse in. And now, as night is falling, it is not the only horse on the road. This town has not heard of cars, clearly, but the horse can’t judge too much, because neither has its companion.

The horse finally stops in front of a house, which seems to have nothing strange about it. As the horse does not continue on, it is clear that this is the destination.

Satchel remains silent once they’ve come within earshot of anyone in the town, and Danny looks around quietly from the horse’s back. No cars…This must be very far from where Danny and Satchel had been before he’d been summoned… She’s eager to get done with this and be home.

Tapping the ribbon on the box, she carefully descends to the ground, looking up at the house. Just a normal house…normal town…everything’s normal except the person who asked the task and the god supposed to complete the task. Not her problem, not her problem… She knocks on the door, and taps the ribbon again, thinking Satchel will slide into her sleeve at the signal. He shouldn’t go in with the package…but he stays put.


   ”No, no don’t do-.. I am sure the marks will go away on their own, miss. Thank you for the offer. However, shoes would be okay I suppose.”

   These marks will not be erased. If you are a virtue, you must prove it, the angels had said. He was not supposed to get help with them. They were a reminder. Love had a weak smile on his face.

Danny frowns with concern, but nods. The other is nervous…something she’s quick to pick up on, especially with her host being so skittish.
"Well, alright. Come on, town’s this way, Love." She gestures with her hand for them to follow, and starts walking through the treeline. Purple strands wind up out of her hood, in what seems to form a small person, looking at Love behind his host. The marks concern him too… Who would be stupid…or strong enough to attack a Virtue?

Why? She doesn't need an arm accessory.

"N-No she does, I make a really p-pretty bracelet s-shush."

If you're not hiding, what the hell are you doing and why?

Satchel shakes on Danny’s wrist. “I…um… Haha, well you see….I…I’m…holding onto her arm! Ah…”


Temperance stares—metaphorically, as his eyes are closed—for a moment before shaking his head. Alright then. He supposes that he’s seen weirder things.

"So what brings you here?" he says. From what Danny said before, it seemed like… Satchel had just recommended that she come here and chat? That would be… odd. Temperance wasn’t really good at things like idle chatter.

"Well I…I had met another Virtue, and Satchel thought I’d have something in common with you." Satch squeezes around her arm, and she frowns down at him again. "I’m not sure what he meant by it, though, with him hiding like this."
“I’m not…hiding.” She rolls her eyes, and puts the wrist he’s clung to into her pocket. “Other than that, I’m just curious. I had no idea the Virtues were real, or the Sins, this is all very new. What sort of things do you do as Temperance?”