Changing Finality


Marv folds his arms and now conscientiously tries to not accidentally nod off while against the wall. It was comfortable, just the atmosphere alone was more comfortable than any other place on land.

"Hey Stiwin," Marv called into the kitchen. He better talk to the guy before he got distracted with something else. "Do you have a moment?"

Stiwin pokes his face out of a window in the wall, and smiles. “Yeah, what’s going on?” Difri meets his eyes, and he pales a little when she smiles at him… “A…Ah… I see you’ve met, that’s great…?”

It's relieving to actually see and know that one can be masculine AND enjoy the comforting company of a stuffed animal.

Satchel smiles a little, and hugs Leopardon. “Y-Yeah!”



"Yeah," Marv says with a smile, stepping back from the two of them to find Stiwin again. 

He walks over and hesitates around the door of the kitchen, unsure if he’d be allowed in. Stiwin seemed to be busy, after all. Marv gave a half smile. He could barely believe that these people had just barely met him and were already being so generous.

But then they weren’t really human, were they? That probably had something to do with it, Marv thought with a tinge of bitterness.

Marv was content with waiting by the door. It was interesting to just people watch, after all. It was just so… lively. 

Among the people there to watch are a group of people who look very well-tanned, with various light colors of hair hanging around a billiard table, possibly the loudest group, and with the most empty mugs about them.
Another table has only a woman, whose lower half literally storms, as she quietly talks on the phone, tapping a pen idly on a sheet of paper. Another table has a small group of women and men in similar robes, though no two look similar. There’s a sunflower-looking person beside a woman with skin about as dark as those crowded around their game of pool, another man who looks like an elf, perhaps, beside a man with scraggly hair and a genuine laugh…

Its a warm environment on the surface, just like many others…Tinn supposes they all aren’t that different from humans in that respect. Everyone hides something…but here, its a place they can hide, and still feel somewhat free…


Oh how he’s waited for this day for quite some time now. And now that it’s come…well, it’s even better than he imagined. Zalboth perks up and grins from ear-to-ear, looming over the immortal.

Oh…? Why, pray tell, what favor would that be?”

He stares at Zalboth’s shoes, to avoid making eye contact, his threads constricting even tighter around a doll. He brought a doll? And one that…emits a very potent darkness… One of his threads curls up in front of him, and firmly wrapped in the end of it is a stone needle.

"I…touched this needle, and it stuck to me. I can’t get it off for the life of me…or the death of me." He fidgets with the threads that vaguely look like they could be his hands, within a moment of weaving, at least. He certainly isn’t as good with his threads as Aktyere was with his. "I’ve tried scissors, my claws, trying to pull the thread out, and I still can’t get the damn thing loose. You need to help me…” And he looks up to the Creator again, looking incredibly desperate.

-pokes the needle-

Reflexively, the thread attached to the needle thrashes, and the needle pricks the Anonymous’ hand. Satchel recoils back, and hisses at them, curling in on himself and glaring.-



Marv grins in relief. “Whatever works for you,” he says casually, his smile widening. “And hey—thank you.” he added sincerely. It wasn’t every day people did stuff for nothing. She must be a lot nicer than she came off as.

He looks back over at Tinn, his smile softening. “You’ve got a bunch of good people around here, don’t you?” Marv had never met so many people like this together in his life—or hell, he hadn’t even met this many friendly people separately in his life.

"We get a mix." Tinn smiles, and hands Difri a cup of mead, as promised. "But if you do good things, it comes back to you. And I like to think I do quite a few good things."

"You give jewelry away, Tinn.”

"An I gave you that ring you’re wearing now." At this, Difri does go quiet. She’s wearing a ring just like Stiwin’s…a lot of the people in the bar have them on the tables, but aren’t wearing them currently. "Anyway, you ought to get settled, Marv. Stiwin’s in the kitchen, remember."



Marv’s grin faded and he hesitated. If he told her now, would she make him leave now?

He had dug himself too deep already. Getting comfortable somewhere, even for a small moment. Another stupid move. He was a loner, and, on top of that, he couldn’t stay still. It was stupid to even consider not—

"He said you could send me back West—to the coast." he said, interrupting his own thoughts. His eyebrows rose in question. "Can you?”

She blinks a bit, and rubs over the stem of the pipe with her fingers.

"Mm, chica, the thing about that is, it’ll take me a bit to get that much smoke together. It’ll take at least a day." Normally she wouldn’t do it for a stranger for free, but she doesn’t much care for him, and being rid of him would be nice. Hell, if she could do it now, she would.



Marv grins back at the sweet expression. Oh, she was making this way too fun for him to stop now. 

"Makes sense," he begins casually, reaching a hand behind her to collect the water that was dampening her spirits. Ha! Marv wished he’d said that one out loud. "After all," he pulled his hand back with a little smirk at the water collected. "Smoke and water don’t mix very well."

Since he had nowhere to throw the little ball, he played with it in between his fingers while he spoke.

"Your… friend? Told me about you. Stiwin. Said you could help me out?" Marv half-asked.

She turns her head when his hand reaches behind her, about ready to smack it with her pipe, spill embers of kitchen spices all over the bastard…when what the actual fuck. She stares at the ball of water for a second, then shrugs. Its not the weirdest thing she’s seen in the Tavern, by far.

"I guess I could thank you." She rolls her eyes a little, hair bouncing up a little now that its no longer weighed down by the water, in blond, little curls. "Help you out how, chica? I’m not a mind reader.”

Difri, how old are you? Can you legally drink?

"I’ve been alive for about 16 Earth years. But I’ve noticed humans develop a lot…slower than Hyerbach do."

What's in your pipe?

"Basil and some cinnamon, from the kitchen."